The Curriculum at Broadoak


The curriculum at Broadoak Primary School offers pupils the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world and the skills they will need to flourish in it. They experience the excitement of learning through an inquiry based curriculum where they try new things, learning from their mistakes and recognising their achievements. Our curriculum is designed to help children develop the confidence they need to continue as lifelong learners.

The quality of the Broadoak school curriculum was considered ‘Outstanding’ when Ofsted inspected the schools provision in March 2009. The Ofsted team noted in their report, the excellent range of curriculum provision at Broadoak in addition to the high standards achieved by pupils:

The outstanding curriculum ensures that pupils have a first-class grounding in the basics, including computing. Creative themes and projects, and a varied and interesting range of visits and visitors enrich the curriculum further.

With increasing demand on curriculum time it is  important to maintain a balance of provision to reflect foundation subjects, activities and special school projects. These have included archaeological digs, external consultants through the year to support the teaching of history, writing, science, geography, art and music.  Children also go on visits to places of interest and enjoy the developing outdoor learning opportunities which include three woodland areas, a weather station, and climbing wall.

The key learning for each year group is outlined in the 'Broadoak Backpack'. These booklets provide information for parents and carers on the end of year exceptions for children in our school. We have identified these expectations as being the minimum requirements a child must meet in order to ensure continued progress during each academic year.

The 'Broadoak Backpack' provides information about subject content and also particular learning skills and values that we focus on within each year group.

Broadoak Backpacks - End of Year Expectations

Early Years Foundation Stage

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Year Six