Broadoak Primary School

Positive Playtimes


At Broadoak Primary School, we are committed to ensuring that all children experience positive playtimes that are happy, creative and stimulating and where all children demonstrate care and respect for one another.


Playground Rules

We always:

  • Use kind words, kind hands and kind actions
  • Listen to the adults on the playground
  • Respect our referees
  • Respect our quiet zones
  • Solve problems calmly
  • Play together and look after each other
  • Let other children get on with their own games
  • Sort out problems in a fair way
  • Look after equipment
  • Stand still when the first whistle blows and walk to lines on the second (or walk into classes - KS2)

We never:

  • Harm each other (physically or with words)
  • Leave anybody out
  • Use bad language
  • Insult a classmate
  • Answer back


Broadoak Buddies:

On the playground, our ‘Broadoak Buddies’ will have three areas of responsibility.  

Handy Helpers

The Handy Helpers main responsibility is to maintain the equipment baskets and make sure they are on the playground at playtimes. They will:

  • Take equipment outside
  • Hand out equipment
  • At the end of playtime, check all the equipment is returned
  • Make sure the basket is tidy


The Broadoak Friends Forever (B.F.F.) have a range of responsibilities aimed at supporting and befriending other children on the playground. They will:

  • Include everyone
  • Spot friends being kind and helping others, and give rewards 
  • Help children who may need some encouragement to join in games or find friends to play with 
  • Report any behaviours to adults who can sort out any issues.

Game Guiders

The children working as Game Guiders will focus on supporting younger children with ideas for positive play and games during their time on the playground. They will:

  • Check, learn and show children how to play the ‘Craze of the week’ (This is a game the guiders will be taught that they try to make 'catch on' during the week)
  • Recommend games, including tradtional games
  • Teach children how to play and resolve any difficulties
  • Make sure children are taking turns fairly
  • Report any problems to an adult

Craze of the Week

Craze of the Week Autumn 2 2022

Game Guiders' Rota 2022-2023



Playground Games

Listed below are some traditional playground games we know and enjoy... See the Craze of the Week overview for the full list of games.

In and out the dusty bluebells

1. Everybody stands in a circle and holds hands. They raise their arms to make arches.

2. One child is chosen as a dancer.

3. The dancer goes in and out of the arches, while the other children sing:

In and out the dusty bluebells

In and out the dusty bluebells

In and out the dusty bluebells

Who shall be my partner?

4. When they sing, 'Who shall be my partner?' the dancer taps whoever is closest on the shoulder and everyone sings:

Tippity, tappity on your shoulder

Tippity, tappity on your shoulder

Tippity, tappity on your shoulder

You shall be my partner.

5. This child becomes the new leader and the first child puts their hands on the leader's waist or shoulders and starts the song again.

6. Continue the dance until only two children are left, making an arch.


What's the time Mr Wolf?

  1. Choose someone to be Mr Wolf.
  2. Everybody else stands on a line on the playground, which is home, facing Mr Wolf.
  3. Mr Wolf stands at the other end of the playing area with their back to the other players.
  4. The players chant: What's the time Mr Wolf?
  5. Mr Wolf doesn't look, but says a time; for example: Eight o'clock.
  6. The other players take eight steps forward, stop and chant: What's the time Mr Wolf?
  7. Mr Wolf says another time; for example: Three o'clock.
  8. The others take three more steps, stop and chant: What's the time Mr Wolf?
  9. This continues until Mr Wolf turns and says: Dinner time.
  10. He then chases everyone back home, trying to catch one of them.
  11. A child who is caught becomes Mr Wold and the game starts again.
  12. If Mr Wolf does not catch anyone, they have to be Mr Wolf again.
  13. If a player reaches Mr Wolf before dinner time, they tap Mr Wolf on the shoulder and run for home. Mr Wolf tries to catch a player in the same way as before.