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We understand the value of effective communication with parents and carers. To enable this, Broadoak Primary School uses a system called School Comms to share information by text and e-mail.

Please make sure any changes to your contact details are notified to the school office to allow us to keep in touch with you.

This can be done in person, by telephone on 0161 794 2326 or by email to


If you need to contact the school urgently, please telephone the office as our email and text systems are not monitored constantly.

 More About School Comms and School Gateway

Texting via School Comms

All text messages will be sent to the Priority 1 contact. If you are not sure, please contact the office.

School Gateway Messaging App

If you have an Apple or Android device you can download a free App “School Gateway” which will allow you to receive text messages at no cost to the school.

To download this App either click on the link on the right or please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your app store and search for “School Gateway” and download the app
  2. Once downloaded, select the “I’m a New User” button; enter your email address and mobile number that we have on record for you. Select Send PIN and a PIN number will be text to your mobile phone
  3. Please ensure that you enter the same email address you have asked us to use for emails
  4. Log in with your email address and the PIN, your account is now active and you will receive instant notifications of messages in your notifications bar

Email via School Comms

By sending letters by e-mail, we can ensure:

  • You receive letters more reliably and promptly

  • We do not need to rely on your child for delivery

  • We can send more letters and information

  • We can also save money on admin time, printing and paper

Please note:

Schoolcomms is registered with the data protection act. All information you provide will be kept private and will not be passed on to any other organisation. Your details will only be used for the purpose of school business. You will not receive any SPAM or marketing material.




Install the Free Text Messaging School Gateway App Now 

 All your text messages will be free - saving our school money.

Please ensure that you enter the same email address you have asked us to use for emails


Friday Weekly Communications

We distribute our weekly newsletter each Friday via School Comms to the first contact. You can further extend the number of people receiving the newsletters by downloading the School Jotter App. The APP can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices by searching for "School Jotter" in the app store, then select Broadoak from within the app.


The weekly newsletters are also tweeted via our main account and saved onto the letter section of the school website.