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At Broadoak, we actively seek to ensure that effective communication happens at all times.  We use a variety of methods to communicate with parents and the wider community.  

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Broadoak PS @Broadoak_PS

25 Mar RT @Broadoak_PS: Wow 3S! Top of the @SpellingShed leader board and our Top 3 spellers 🐝 Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️

25 Mar Wow 3S! Top of the @SpellingShed leader board and our Top 3 spellers 🐝 Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️

25 Mar 😁Spreading Happiness is so important 😁 Well done to our KS2 Sparkle and Shine nominees who have all been recognised…

25 Mar 🚦Traffic Light Treat winners in KS2 🚦 Excellent reading reading this week 👏👏👏👏

25 Mar ⭐️Massive well done to our KS2 Stars of the Week ⭐️ Keep up the wonderful work 👏👏👏👏

24 Mar Please find attached the newsletter for this week. Please note, the details of the summer term after school clubs a…

18 Mar

18 Mar

18 Mar for organising the visit and to Jarvis for such a wonderful afternoon 📖 #ReadingAtBroadoak

18 Mar Last week - Reception, Year One and Year Two met the brilliant author Jarvis in a very special assembly. They liste…

17 Mar Please find attached the newsletter for this week. Have a lovely weekend. Mrs. Wild.

13 Mar So proud of KS1 our Sparkle and Shine Winners this week. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

13 Mar Well done to our Y2 Stars of the Week. We are super proud of you all. ⭐️👏🏻👏🏻


Broadoak_Nursery @Broadoak_Nurser

17 Mar Happy Mother’s Day from Blue group xx

17 Mar Happy Mother’s Day from Red group xx

17 Mar Happy Mother’s Day love from yellow group!

15 Mar Super work this morning yellow group. We made some lovely pictures of our Mums and talked about why our Mums are sp…

12 Mar The children loved hearing about the work that vets do and some children were able to try out aspects of the job.


RecL and RecS @Broadoak_Rec

24 Mar Well done to Reception’s Dojo Dip winners - Cian, Jack, Sean and Edison 📚you are all superstars📚Enjoy your books.

24 Mar Congratulations to our recent 🌟Sparkle and Shine 🌟champions - Bradley and Layla for the character value ambition, C…

21 Mar Yesterday, we enjoyed making 3D Beanstalks! Excellent work everyone!😊

21 Mar Yesterday, we enjoyed making 3D Beanstalks! Excellent work everyone!😊

20 Mar On our woodland walk today, we discovered some mystery items! After some discussion, we decided it must be the gold…

Year 1

Class 1M and 1R @Broadoak_Year1

22 Mar What a fun afternoon of DT we've had! We were very impressed with the children's abilities to make a slider mechan…

22 Mar Odd sock day earlier this week 😊

20 Mar We loved Red Nose Day on Friday! We even tried sharing our best jokes! Thank you for supporting such a brilliant ch…

20 Mar A massive well done to our dojo dip winners last week! Keep it up for 2 more weeks everyone!

19 Mar Happy mothers day from Year 1! We hope you enjoyed your cards. We were very proud making a moving lever using a spl…

Year 2

Class 2M and 2T @Broadoak_Year2

28 Mar Congratulations to last weeks Dojo Dip winner. Well deserved 👍

22 Mar

22 Mar…

22 Mar This morning, 2M were learning to play our song Zootime on the glockenspiel 🎶🎹 #MusicatBroadoak

21 Mar 2M spent the afternoon investigating whether glue, sellotape or needle/thread would be the most suitable for creati…

Broadoak PS

Class Twitter Feeds

At Broadoak we use our class twitter feeds as a 'window' into our learning.  The platform is used to share our learning, celebrate class and individual achievements and as a method of communication to  support our school community.

Year 3

Class 3S and 3M @Broadoak_Year3

29 Mar What amazing art this afternoon in Year 3! Our Antoni Gaudi inspired structures are complete! Great work everyone!…

27 Mar Today, the children had fun acting out the lifecycle of an apple! Tomorrow, we’ll begin to write our ‘explanation t…

27 Mar Today we were looking at water transportation in plants and proving it is the stem that transports water. We discus…

25 Mar RT @Broadoak_Year6: We had some very special visitors in 6C and 6D yesterday afternoon - some friends from Y3 shared their amazing writing…

24 Mar Massive well done to our Dojo Dip winners Sophia and Bobby this week! You’ve done a great job clocking up lots of d…

Year 4

Class 4C and 4M @Broadoak_Year4

08:23 RT @Broadoak_PE: We were so proud of our Cross Country team yesterday afternoon! Both teams coming in third place 🥉 Amazing running, determ…

29 Mar Annie has made this fantastic poster in her own time, all about our book this half term, Who Let The Gods Out? 🏺📚

29 Mar RT @Broadoak_PE: A massive congratulations to our swim squad this morning! Relay Squadron winners AND overall winners of the Worsley Swimmi…

26 Mar

26 Mar

Year 5

Class 5W and 5B @Broadoak_Year5

27 Mar To finish off our Hip-Hop topic in Music, 5W enjoyed busting some dance moves to our favourite songs that we have l…

27 Mar In Geography 5W have made some lovely double page spreads about the human and physical features of London. We also…

27 Mar

27 Mar

27 Mar

Year 6

Class 6D and 6C @Broadoak_Year6

29 Mar

29 Mar

29 Mar

29 Mar

29 Mar We’ve had a busy afternoon in Y6 🐝🐝🐝 We used modroc to help strengthen our sculptures. We cannot wait to decorate t…