Broadoak Primary School

Music Tuition at Broadoak


Broadoak Primary School provides a superb range of musical activities including peripatetic instrumental tuition where children are given the opportunity to play a musical instrument.

Learning to play an instrument is hugely rewarding, develops a range of skills, and will boost your child's confidence. 


Which instruments can the children learn?


They can learn piano and keyboard

Woodwind – recorder, flute and clarinet 

Orchestral strings – violin and cello 

Rock and pop – guitar, and drum kit

Who can access peripatetic lessons?
Predominantly Key Stage 2 children. Key Stage 1, year 2 children can access recorder lessons from Spring 2 and violin lessons. 

What is the cost of a lesson? 

The cost of lessons needs to be met by the parent / guardian of the child and are currently approximately £5 per lesson, depending on the length of the session.

For further details of the music tuition offered, please contact the school office.

What do I do if I wish for my child to take music lessons but I don't have an instrument? 
MAPAS offer the free loan of any handheld instrument to all our learners. Information about purchasing your own instrument can be found on their website. 

Mapas Website