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9 Oct 2019 Today yellow, red and blue groups have been around our new orienteering course. They have spotted lots of woodland animals on the posts.

9 Oct 2019

9 Oct 2019 Broadoak's Great Outdoor Adventure This week the children have been playing in our outdoor area and on Tuesday Blue…

18 Jun 2019 Well done Nursery you managed your first mile. Super effort from all.

8 Feb 2019 Oooo arrrr!!! Great final day of our history enhancement week!!! Super effort everyone!! ☠️⚓️🏴‍☠️ rocked it!!

Staffing & General Information

Welcome to the Nursery class homepage.

We cannot wait for all of the adventures that are waiting for us in this year, we have had a super start already.

Please visit our class twitter page to see updates about what we have been doing in class and celebrating our achievements.

Also Included on our class page is the Medium Term Plan to let you know what we will be learning about this half term.

The Nursery team are :

Miss Alford  -  Blue Group Key Worker

Mrs. Mather -  Yellow Group Key Worker.

Mrs. Edgerley - Red Group Key Worker

Mrs. Fraine 

Miss Dale

Mrs. Clarke joins us each lunchtime 

Coach Vicky and Coach Kim will join us on Tuesday for our PE sessions.

Mrs Webster will also be joining the team on Tuesdays

Mr. Harris is our EYFS Leader


 Nursery Learning

Nursery sessions are planned with a balance of child initiated and adult led activities (including carpet times) which will build up over the year. Resources are introduced throughout the year to support children in the seven areas of learning both through self directed play, and with adults supporting and extend their play.

Each day your child will be have access to the indoor and outdoor areas in nursery. During group carpet times red, blue and yellow groups listen to stories, learn to sing songs, take part in phonics and mathematics activities. They have the opportunity to listen to adults and to each other as information and ideas are shared.

During Morning snack time children have toast with milk or water and during afternoon snack time a fruit snack and water. At lunchtime children are encouraged to eat using knives forks and spoons. Social eating and drinking are an important part of personal, social and emotional development. Snack monitors are appointed each day to help to distribute toast, milk , water and fruit  giving children responsibility.

Each area in Nursery is carefully laid out to allow children to access the resources they need to play linking both their own  learning needs and interests to the current Nursery theme. 

Areas inside Broadoak Nursery

Our sand area contains various resources such as spades, buckets, sticks and small world toys, which allow children to build and imaginatively play.

Our water area contains various resources such as pipes, funnels, containers and small world toys, which allow children to pour, fill and empty containers and play imaginatively.

A number area, with resources linked to counting and numbers.

A shape, space and measures area, with resources linked to 2d and 3d shapes, sizes and measuring time.

phonics area, with phonics resources currently linked to one of the 7 aspects from phase 1.

mark making area, with resources for drawing, writing and mark making.

Role play areas include a domestic home and a cafe linked to our current topic, allowing children to develop their ability to take on a role, tell a story and other personal and social skills such as turn taking, putting dressing up clothes on and working together.

cutting area for children to cut with scissors.

workshop area for children to access a range of tools such as scissors, glue, hole punches and sellotape, for creating their own collages, models and designs. T

The malleable materials and textures area allow children to use a range of tools with play dough and other materials to develop their creative, sensory and fine motor skills. 

A book corner and puppet theatre, contains books and puppets related to our current focus, as well as a wide range of information, fiction and poetry books to choose from.

In our music area children can listen to and make their own music with a range of instruments. there are also mirrors, scarves and ribbons to allow them to enjoy moving to music.

Construction areas include wooden blocks and smaller construction toys such as mobilo and magnetics. In these areas children can join pieces together and build models using their imagination and fine motor skills. 

Our science area allows children to test out ideas and make observations about the world around them.

Paint and painting areas contain a range of tools and materials for painting and other art work so that children can produce their own multi-media artwork.


Areas outside Broadoak Nursery

Bikes, trikes and scooters allow children the opportunity to learn and practise their riding skills on a roadway which incorporates a slight hill and several twists and turns.

The number and shape areaincludes  large numicon pieces and colourful shapes to build pictures.

Our role play areas outside are currently a shop and a petrol station.

An active and adventure area allows children to climb, move along and balance. It incorporates steps up to a 'den' and tyres.

Our large sand pit contains various resources such as spades, buckets and moulds which allow children to build and imaginatively play on a large scale with their wellies on.

Our large water area contains various resources such as pipes, funnels, containers and dolls, which allow children to pour, fill and empty containers and play imaginatively on a large scale.

digging area currently contains plant pots trowels and small forks for children to dig.

 bug hotel, with magnifying glasses, bug pots and identification charts allows children to find, collect and identify mini-beast areas.

construction area with large wooden bricks, material and builders tools allow children to work alone or with others to make large scale models, using their imagination.

An investigations area currently has colourful discovery bottles and a bid table.

Golden Rules & Rewards

In Nursery we begin to learn about Broadoak's Golden Rules. Talking about why rules are important, alongside circle time activities covering; what we are good at; why we are special; what makes a good friends helps children to learn the rules and to understand why it is important to follow them .

Good behaviour (eg. kindness, sharing and being helpful) is rewarded with positive words and stickers.

Alongside the Golden Rules we use a rainbow, sunshine and cloud system – each child starts each day with their name on the sunshine and if a Golden Rule is broken their name will go onto a cloud and the child will have some time to think and talk about what has happened and apologise if appropriate.   If another rule is broken during the session then the child’s name will go onto a thunder cloud. In both of these instances we will speak to the adult who picks the child up at home time and put their name back on the sunshine ready for the next day.

Each day children have the opportunity to reach the 'Rainbow' for work or behaviour which is excellent. Any child that has been on the rainbow has the chance to be star of the week and on each Friday, these children will be able to choose out of our Rainbow Nursery Treat Box! 

Key Dates & Reminders


School Photos - Tuesday 1st October

Broadoak's outdoor and adventurous fortnight: 7th-18th October

Nursery Stay And Play -14th-18th October

PE takes place every Tuesday- please ensure PE kits are in school each week. At the moment children are just wearing PE pumps but as the year progresses, a full kit will be used.

Nursery Slideshow

Curriculum Enhancement

‘Get Singing on BBC Music Day with Gareth Malone’.

On Thursday we took part in 'Broadoak's Music' day. We sang Nursery rhymes and songs.

Curriculum Enhancement

‘Broadoak's Great Outdoor Adventure’.

During the Outdoor and adventurous fortnight we have continued to use our outdoor area to explore and find out about the world.

The children have been using natural materials to create pictures. The materials were placed carefully but not stuck down so they could be moved. The pictures created are called transient art because they are there only for a short time.

We have been on a woodland walk looking for signs that Autumn is here.

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Important Documents

Nursery curriculum meeting - powerpoint presentation

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Get singing on BBC Music Day with Gareth Malone - The children enjoyed listening to and singing a range of nursery rhymes and songs including 'The wheels on the bus' and 'Sing a rainbow'.


The children's first school dinner was a success with children enjoying a sausage roll, potato wedges and beans followed by a man shaped biscuit and watermelon.

Thank you to all those parents who were able to stay for our curriculum evening. 

If you should need to speak to a member of staff about an of the events that are coming up or indeed anything else, please do not hesitate to mention it on the Nursery door or make an appointment that is convenient for all involved.