Information for Parents

We have included some choosing ideas for your child to get busy with during the day. The choosing ideas are situated at the bottom of this page. 

The following websites may also be useful:

Small World:

Children naturally love small world play and can benefit a great deal from getting into character and acting out scenarios whilst using their wildest imagination. 


Children can learn a lot from playing with construction toys. For example plastic or paper cups, various sizes of plastic bowls, cardboard boxes (including shoeboxes), cans (including empty peanut butter jars and coffee cans), DVD cases and books


Role play (Domestic):

Role play area is an important area of learning and allows children to explore the ideas they have from their own home Role play is fantastic for developing language, turn taking, imagination and play writing.

Take on the role of someone else allows children to extend their learning and understanding of many different aspects of their family, school, wider society, occupations and culture.


Play dough:

Play dough  is modelling clay made of flour, water, salt and oil that your child can use for play, art and craft. You can buy ready made play dough or you can make it at home.

Den Making:

Children enjoy making their own enclosed spaces and they can then use their role play skills within the space turning the den into a space rocket, castle, sub-marine or simply a quiet space to calm down and 'chill' .

Outdoor play:

Children love to be outside, here are some things which they love to do:-

A mud kitchen

Transient art





Outdoor play continued:

Children love to be outside, here are some things which they love to do:-




Fairy garden

Dinosaur garden