Welcome to your Daily Learning Page on Friday 3rd April. 

Here you will find lots of activities from phonics to maths to creative fun! This page has been designed to help you organise your day so that you can continue to learn and flourish!

See Right for a typical timetable that can help you plan out your day:

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The Easter holidays start at the end of this day and the next new tasks will be published at 7am on Monday 20th April. We wish you a happy, restful and safe Easter holidays. (If there is any old content you wish to view during this time please request it in the guest book comments section below and it will be re-published the following day.)

Phonics Daily Activity

Phase 2 - sets 1 to 3

Look at the sounds below.

Phase 2 - Tricky words

In Nursery we have looked at the tricky words I, to and love. See if you can spot these words below. We have added in a new tricky words 'the', 'no', go' and 'into'.

Handwriting and Fine Motor Activities

Use your name writing skills to make an Easter tag to use to attach to some of your belongings or if you have an Easter egg, you could attach it to that.

Speaking and Listening Daily Activity:

Understanding instructions can be likened to remembering a list. E.g. If you want your child to get ready to go out for a walk, you might ask them to go to the toilet, put on their coat and find their wellies.A good auditory memory will allow your child to remember toilet, coat and wellies.

Play 5 item memory games.

1) Put a selection of items or pictures on the table.

2) Choose one of the items and say five words aboit it. Cats like to chase mice or the blue bear is little.

3) Ask your child if they can remember what you said.

4) If the child responds with the five words correctly give them the item, but if they only remeber one or two of the words repeat the sentence emphasising the missed words.

5) Take turns to make and copy sentences.

Too easy?

Work towards using 6 words, e.g. The doll wears a beautiful dress or the blue car drives very quickly..

Too Difficult

Use less words and concentrate on vocabulary that they are familiar with.

Expressive Arts and Design Activity.

 Make some Easter pictures to make an Easter tree to decorate your home or garden.

Mathematics Activity

Look at the flowers can you say the numbers?

Number Hunt

Hide a selection of Easter eggs inyour house or garden. (small plastic eggs or home made paper eggs.)

At the end count up totals of eggs found. Can you keep a score.

Perhaps the eggs could have numbers on them and you could mark on a treasuremap wherre to find them.

Understanding the World Activity  

Spring is a time when trees and plants appear to come back to life and when many animal babies are born. At Easter we respond to the signs of new life celebrating them with cards and gifts.

Listen to the following books about Spring:-

How do you know it's spring?

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms

Spring Has Come!

 Well being

Below is a download provided by Living Streets. You might choose to use this checklist on your daily walk!

Choosing Ideas

Play dough

Play dough is modelling clay made of flour, water, salt and oil that your child can use for play, art and craft. You can buy readymade play dough or you can make it at home.

Play dough is an amazing tool that provides many learning opportunities for children. It can develop:-

Fine motor skills- by squishing, rolling, flattening, shaping, scoring or cuting play dough, hildrene develop and strengthen their hand muscles.

Pre-writing skills- by using a pincer grip (the squeezing of pointer finger and thumb to grasp an object) improves. An  improved pincer grip enhances your child's pre-writing skills.

Creativity and imagination - with unlimited possibilities of moulding the dough into food, animals, decorations, flowers etc, it encourages your child to use imagination and inspires creativity.

hand - eye coordination – Using tools and rolling pins while shaping play-dough will improve your child's hand-eye-coordination

Curiosity and knowledge - mixing 2 different colours dough together and discover a new colour or learning to mould different shapes will lead to various questions and curiosity.


Please feel free to comment on how your child is getting on with our daily learning activities. We would love to hear from you all!

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Katie Marsland(a couple of days ago)

Thank you very much for our daily activities. Katie is missing school and her friends very much so this is great for her. Katie has enjoyed her phonics activities and especially the 'can you match these animals to their babies'. She enjoyed drawing the emotions of her chicks too. Katie has enjoyed doing her 'homework' as she calls it and has been learning new numbers and reading words Miss Alford. We hope to see you soon xx Happy to hear that you have been enjoying the activities. We are also missing you - stay safe and enjoy the easter holidays. Miss Alford

Holly Lawrence(less than a week ago)

Thank you very much for the fun activities each day, Holly is really enjoying them and so far this week has enjoyed painting Easter egg pictures, making a chick mask, playing 'bunny says' and making an Easter card for her grandma and grandad the most! We have had fun with the phonics activities and handwriting practice too - Holly has enjoyed showing me her 'y' from her name in particular, she is very proud of it! It is great to be able to give her some structure and familiarity (she is our snack monitor, and we have a rainbow, sunshine, cloud and thunder cloud chart) thanks to these activities and the great structure Mrs Mather and the other teachers have put in place for the children during their time at Nursery. Thank you very much again, Mummy & Holly xx We are glad that you are enjoying your home learning Holly, what a good idea to have snack monitor duties at home aswell. Keep safe we are missing you. Mrs. Mather

Freddie Goves(less than a week ago)

I enjoyed the Easter egg game and tried really hard and did well at the phonics satpinmd pictures. I also enjoyed the moody chicks. Freddie says Mrs. Mather i love doing my work, Thank you. We hoped that you would like the chick game, good to hear that you are also doing well with your phonics home learning. Stay safe Freddie. Mrs. Mather

Orla Gibson(less than a week ago)

Orla is really benefitting from the daily activities and enjoying learning at home. She particularly loved making the 3 little pigs models last week and had hours of fun! The page has given me some inspiration to vary her activities throughout the day and the caption phonics sheets have come in really useful for her phonics and reading. The You Tube videos on stick insects have been a hit too! Thank you for your help and Orla says a big hello to her teachers! Mummy x Well done Orla, lovely to hear all about your home learning - missing you all, keep safe. Mrs. Edgerley