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19 Jan RT @Broadoak_PS: Mr Tinker would like to thank all the parents who support the children on a Saturday morning. With the increase in numbers…

19 Jan RT @Broadoak_PS: Special mentions also go to the children who won individual accolades 👏🏼 🥉Scarlett Year 3 🥇Jack Year 4 🥉Musa Year 4 🥇Luci…

19 Jan RT @Broadoak_PS: All children who represented the school this year at a race will receive a medal in assembly. 🥇Year 3/4 Boys 🥇Year 3/4 Gi…

19 Jan RT @Broadoak_PS: Yesterday, was our final cross country race of a successful season. Our aim was to increase the number of children partici…

17 Jan RT @Broadoak_PS: It is the last Cross Country race this Saturday at Buille Hill Park. All children from Years 3-6 welcome. Please see attac…

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Miss McNicoll and Mr. Tinker


Welcome to Year 3's class page!

We have had a wonderful start to life in the juniors with all children settling in really well and getting used to new routines. All children were eager to share their news of what they had been up to over the summer holidays and were happy to be reunited with their friends in Year 3! We know we are going to have a great year with every child working hard and trying their best!


All important information can be found on this page. Please take a look at the medium term planner which outlines all the exciting learning that will be taking place in Year 3.


You can also find our year group Twitter page on here so please give us a follow :-) 

Staffing & General Information:

Class Teacher: Miss. McNicoll / Mr. Tinker

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Webster

Sports: Coach Kim and Coach Vicky

Additional Adults: Mrs Grimshaw, Mrs Hunting, Mrs Sharples, Mrs Paterson-Stone and Mrs Calton

Spanish: Mrs. McClaren

Lower Key Stage Two Leader:  Miss Samson

Key Dates & Reminders:

Monday 16th September: 

Parent Curriculum Meeting (Location - 3T Classroom)


P.E: Every Thursday morning


Important Documents

Year 3 Medium Term Plan:


Year 3 and 4 Spelling list:

Important Documents

Year 3 Parent Curriculum Meeting:



Class Dojo: Children can earn 'dojo points' for any number of positive reasons; such as following the Golden Rules, participating, being on task or working hard.

Star of the day: Each day a child will be chosen for 'star of the day', for working hard that day. Star of the day is worth 5 extra Dojo points!

Star of the week: Each week, 3 children are chosen for 'star of the week' for working hard that week. The award is given in assembly every Friday afternoon.

Fun Friday: On the last Friday of every half term, children will take part in a curriculum enhancement day. Activities such as craft, sport etc will be planned for the children to participate in.

Homework: Homework is handed out every Wednesday and will have an  English and Mathematics focus each week. Please ensure homework is handed in on the following Monday to ensure work can be marked and returned promptly.

Children may also complete the optional 'Pick 'n' Mix' homework tasks and share these achievements during show and tell.  Options will be updates on a half termly basis.

Spellings: Spelling rules and sounds that we are focusing on each half term can be found in your child's homework book. We will have Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar lessons during the week that will focus on new sounds and also spelling words from the Year 3 and 4 Statutory Word List. 

Reading: It is really important, children in Year 3 read on a daily basis to improve fluency and also build reading stamina. Daily reading will support children in reaching the year group expectations. It is also essential that parents listen and question the children to ensure that they are reading with understanding. Below are examples of questions that maybe useful.

Pick 'n' Mix Homework

  • Create a friend for Sophie from the BFG. What qualities would he/she have?
  • Go on a hunt at home to find as many objects as you can with the recycling symbol on them. 
  • Design a poster on how you can make an impact in your environment and encourage other people to live more sustainably.
  • Encourage your family and friends to be environmentally friendly.
  • Practise your 3, 4 and 8 times tables - write them down, play hit the button, create a song/rap etc.
  • Choose your favourite piece of art and explain why you like it. Who is the artist? How does the art work make you feel?

Key Texts

The BFG- Roald Dahl

George's Marvellous Medicine- Roald Dahl

Reading Focuses

Children will be asked a range of questions during guided reading which focus on:

  • giving/explaining the meaning of words in context
  • retrieving and recording information
  • summarising main ideas from more than one paragraph
  • making inferences from the text using evidence from the text
  • predicting what might happen from details stated and implied
  • make comparisons within the text
  • identify/explain how meaning is enhanced through choice of words and phrases


Reading Questions

Find one word that shows….

Find one word that shows the giant is kind.

How does the text show that a character felt a certain way?

How does the text show that Sophie felt afraid?

Why did a character feel a certain way?

Why did George feel excited?

Why did a character behave in a certain way?

Why did Sophie bite her lip when the giants entered the cave?

Find a group of words that show….

Find the group of words that shows how quickly the giant moved along the streets

How does a character feel at the end of a story?

How does The BFG feel at the end of the story? Explain your reasons

What does a character mean when they say….

What does the Head of the Air Force mean when he says: He's leading us to disaster!

What does the word….suggest about…

What does the word bustling suggest about what Manchester is like.

Find two reasons why….

 Find two reasons why a village is different to a city