Happy Friday Year 3! We hope you enjoy today's tasks :)

As we come to the end of our second week of home learning, we would just like to say how proud we are of each and every one of you for all of your hard work and determination. We now want you to relax and enjoy the Easter holidays and we will be back after the break with more exciting work and projects.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to all of our lovely parents. Your continued support over the last few weeks has been greatly appreciated!

Take care of yourselves,

Miss McNicoll, Mr Tinker and the rest of the Year 3 team x

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Daily Home Learning Page


Welcome to your Daily Learning Page! 

Here you will find lots of activities from Maths to English to Science to creative fun! This page has been designed to help you organise your day so that you can continue to learn and flourish!

Please note: The daily English, maths, topic and well-being activities will be removed each evening and replaced with the activities for the following day. We advise that you download the learning for each day.

Below is a typical timetable that can help you plan out your day:


5 a-day Maths

Please only complete ONE 5-a-day per day
(each day is labelled).

Daily Maths Task

Today, we would like you to complete 2 mental maths tests. Ideally, they should be completed separately with a break in between. After you have completed the first one, we would like you to go through your answers with an adult and just like in class reflect on any you haven't got correct and see how you can improve. On the second test, we would like you to try and beat your score. You may want to time yourself as you could also try and beat your time. The answers have also been uploaded.

If you would like a challenge, there is an optional mental maths at the bottom. 

Mental Maths Challenge

5-a-day Grammar

 Please only complete ONE 5-a-day per day
(each day is labelled).

Daily English Task

It was clear that you all enjoyed creating your own monster last week so today's task involves creating your very own dinosaur! Have fun and don't forget to tweet us!

And because it's Friday...

Reading For Pleasure

Some ideas of websites which can be used to find new and interesting things to read: 








Don't forget to check out your favourite author's websites too. 

Topic Session

Today, we are going to take a look at the technique that Antoni Gaudi is most famous for. Read through the PDF to find out your task. If you look closely, you might even spot one of our Year 3 friends!


Listen to the song below by Rosa Leon, the song is about names and how they relate to your family. We know you have learnt this in class and we would like you to think about how you would greet people in Spanish.

Here are a few reminders:

What is your name? - ¿Cómo te llamas?

My name is... - Me llamo...

You could also complete the task below and fill in the phrases you have learnt in class. They're also a few new phrases, try and match them as best you can. Once you have done that you could try and have a conversation with someone in your house. Don't worry adults the answers are attached!

Spelling Shed & Times Tables Rock Stars 

You can access these websites through the links below: 


TTRS will automatically challenge the children on their timetables.

However in class we have been focusing on:

  • Consolidating and increasing our speed in our 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Learning and developing our 4s, 8s and 3s.


Spelling Shed will be updated weekly with a list of words, this is as normal, please see the document below. Year 3 and 4 key word list will be accessible via Spelling Shed and a document is available on our class page.


Below you may download:

  • This week's spellings from Spelling Shed - 2 sheets.
  • TTRS 3 minute challenge sheet for you to complete at home. This week, we will be focusing on our 4's. Please only complete one per day.

Health and Wellbeing

Please see Health and Wellbeing links below that the children can engage with to keep active and busy:

Broadoak Primary PE, Fitness and Well Being 

Joe Wicks' PE

Cosmic Yoga


Scavenger Hunt

Why not have a go at this Scavenger Hunt as you are out on a local walk. You may even be able to spot some of these things just by hunting around your garden. Tweet us to let us know how you get on!

Have fun!


Picture News...


Can you think of ways to remain positive during difficult times?

What do you think these Italian people in the poster are doing at their window?

 Picture News Poster  

Did you take part in #clapforourcarers to thank and celebrate NHS workers? Or, have you seen videos of this?

What did you think/feel about this?

British Values

Picture News Weekly School Newspaper

Take a look below at what others are doing in different parts of the world to remain positive

People around the World

Look at the resource below and the examples of communities coming together.



What does community mean to you?

Does this fit with your definition of community?

Are you part of a community?

Can you be part of more than one community?

Can you list the communities you are part of?

Think about....

what is being done to spread positivity in your community?

Can you think of ways that people have helped each other during our current situation?

Optional Activities

Please leave a comment below on how you are doing or just to say hello!


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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Amelia Roebuck(a couple of days ago)

Hola Miss McNicoll Hope you have a lovely Easter. Mummy(Jayne)and daddy(Stephen)say I am doing really well. Hope to see you soon Amelia xxx

Eva Jones(a couple of days ago)

Eva is being very good and trying really hard doing her work and reading at home. We seem to have misplaced Eva’s username and password for Spelling Shed and Times Tables Rock Stars. Is there anyway possible they could be sent to us please?

Mr Tinker(less than a week ago)

It's great to read all of your comments and listen to all of your stories. I'm glad a few of you spotted my April Fools picture, hopefully it made you smile! Mr Tinker.

Adam Marriott(less than a week ago)

Hi, everyone! Loved the photos and the April Fools photo was really funny

Jessica(less than a week ago)

I like being at home but I miss school and my friends. I am working hard on my school work at home. I sometimes see my friends on house party but I am looking forward to seeing everyone at school again soon.

Ruby Heaton(less than a week ago)

Hi Mr Tinker, I am missing coming to school and seeing my friends but I’m working hard at home. I’m doing my school work, reading lots and practising my gymnastics. I’ve also been enjoying going for a jog with my mum and taking our dog for long walks. I hope school opens soon : )

Aggie B(less than a week ago)

hi the homework is great and fun i also miss my friends

Mr Tinker(less than a week ago)

Hello Year 3, It's great to hear from you all and I'm amazed with how you're all embracing home learning. Alongside your academic learning, it's really important you keep exercising. Exercise will not only keep you physically healthy but it will help with your wellbeing and that is important, particularly at the moment. Please continue to comment or tweet (@Broadoak_Year3) to let us know what you're doing, if you need any help or simply to say hello. Make sure you all stay safe and healthy and I will see you soon. Mr Tinker.

Miss McNicoll(less than a week ago)

Hi Chloe, I’m great thank you! Hope you and your family are safe and well. I’m missing you all too, hopefully see you soon :) x

Gabby Anderson(about a week ago)

I have really enjoyed the grammar and maths task set today. Lucy and I practiced recorder together over the houseparty app - this is our new favourite thing to use! My friends and I are sticking to a daily timetable so we can go on houseparty at 3.30pm and talk about our day and play games together.

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