Broadoak Primary School

Website Compliance

Every maintained school must publish specific information on its website to comply with The School Information
(England) (Amendment) Regulations 2016


To ensure statutory compliance of our school website, annual audits are completed.  Below is a copy of the audit and inserted links to aid in the locating of statutory information:

Website Compliance Audit - Autumn 2021

School Admission Arrangements

Admission Guidance / How to Apply

Admission Arrangements 2022

(Including Oversubscription Criteria)

Please note: The new School Admissions Code (2021) requires that all schools give priority to looked after children, previously looked after children, and internationally adopted previously looked after children. Admission authorities have be asked to update their admission policies to reflect this statutory change for 2022 intake. 

Link to the Local Authority Admission Team

Complaints Procedures

Complaints Policy

Request for Copies

Freedom of Information Policy


Trade Union Facility Time

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