Broadoak Primary School

Eco Council

Broadoak Primary School are very proud to be a Green flag school. We have held this prestigious award for our work as an eco friendly school since 2011. Green Flag status is reviewed every two years and we were last inspected in February 2016. The  award gets increasingly difficult to achieve with each renewal as schools have to demonstrate sustained progress in addressing the nine key areas which are listed below. The areas in bold are the seven areas we have focused on so far. We will be consolidating and extending this work in the coming year through our curriculum and also the work of the Eco Council who are elected every Autumn term.

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • School grounds
  • Healthy Living
  • Transport
  • Litter
  • Waste
  • Global Citizenship

Following their election in Autumn term the 'Green Team' are very enthusiastic and have been busy planning events for the year ahead. They have been trained to tackle the ongoing areas of energy, litter and recycling. They have each joined one of the sub-groups to do this. These are the Electrons, the Recyclones and the Litterizers.

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This is what the Electrons had to say about their role saving energy in school...

"We monitor energy use in classrooms at dinner times using a traffic light system. RED being bad, AMBER being ok and GREEN being fantastic.

Red means the whiteboard and the lights have been left on

Amber means one of these has been left on

Green means both of these have been turned off

As well as keeping a record ourselves, we will also leave a traffic light on your whiteboard so your class knows how they have done. The class with the highest number of green traffic lights will win a prize each half term."

Autumn term winner: 


This is what the recyclones had to say about their role...

"We monitor the recycling of paper in school. We want you to recycle your paper in the paper bins around school. We will now tell you what you can, and can’t, put in this bin:

Yes: White and coloured paper, post-it notes, newspapers, magazines.

No: Paper towels, cardboard, cartons and cups.

We are going to come around twice a week to check your year group’s normal and paper bins.

We will keep a record, using smiley faces for correct recycling and sad faces for bad recycling.

The year group who is the best at recycling paper will receive a prize each half term."

Autumn term winner: 


This is what the Litterizers had to say about how we keep our school tidy...

"We go around twice a week, making sure your school grounds are litter-free! If you see any litter on the ground around you, we want you to pick it up.

 We have divided the school into four main areas:

  • Around the nursery
  • The infant playground
  • The Year 3 and 5 playground
  • The Year 4 and 6 playground

We will put up posters around the four areas to remind you to keep the area clean.

We will score the areas and the area with the smallest score will be the winner. We will put up a winners poster in the best area at the end of each half term.

Everyone is joining in, Nursery to Year 6!"

Autumn term winner:

Eco Council Projects

Eco-council visit to Langley Lane Recycling Centre.


On Tuesday 8th November, the KS2 members of the Eco-council visited the Longley Lane Recycling Centre, to find out what happens to our rubbish once it has been placed into our recycling bins. The recycling plant was extremely modern and all of the rubbish is sorted by machinery, however some people are required to help sift out items that have been incorrectly recycled. We had a chance to sort our own items in the classroom and then had a guided tour of the plant, getting to see first-hand how each machine works. We learned an awful lot and even the teachers learned that they haven’t been using their brown bins correctly! We also found out that Salford only recycles around 40% of rubbish, and throws 60% away! Our eco-council are now looking at ways of educating our children, so that they too can learn a few tips on what can (and cannot) be recycled.


The most valuable piece of information that we learned about our brown bin was that only plastic bottles should be recycled, and NO other plastic. No tubs, tubes, containers, lids or bags. If it isn’t a type of bottle, it has to go in the black bin!


You can see our pictures from the visit in the gallery below.

2016-17 Projects

Projects for 2016-17 will include a Fair Trade coffee morning, recycling week, empty classroom day and energy fortnight.


Completed Projects in 2015-16

  • M&S energy bid
  • Clean for the queen
  • Mobile phone recycling
  • Milk bottle recycling