Broadoak Primary School


"Science and Everyday life cannot and should not be separated" (Rosalind Franklin) 


Vision Statement

Through the teaching and learning of Science at Broadoak, we will provide the foundations for our children to understand the physical and actual world and will strive to create opportunities for them to gain the knowledge and skills to live and work as successful young people of the future with a love of investigating, exploring observing, researching and asking questions.  

At Broadoak Science is about developing children's ideas and ways of working that enable them to make sense of the world in which they live through investigation, as well as using and applying their knowledge of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

To achieve our vision we provide: 

  • High quality teaching and learning which enables all children to succeed and achieve, 
  • An interesting learning environment where children feel safe and secure,
  • Opportunities for children to be actively involved and engaged in their own learning through creative approaches with strong curriculum links to other subjects when appropriate
  • Opportunities to provide independence,
  • Evaluations of children's progress towards the EYFS targets and the National Curriculum guidelines which inform planning at all stages,
  • Effective monitoring of teaching and learning for all. 

Science in Early Years

The children in Nursery and Reception begin to develop their love of science early on. Science activities are built into continuous provision learning opportunities and focused activities. Children are encouraged to be curious, ask questions and be careful observers. Children regularly investigate the properties of a wide range of materials, make observations of physical processes going on around them, begin to think about animals by hatching eggs and looking at other living things. 

Science in Key Stage One

In KS1, children have dedicated Science lessons. They explore our world as scientists and develop the fundamental skill of observation using all five senses.

In all Key Stages, children will take part in a half term of Forest School sessions which is led by fully trained, level 3 Forest School practitioners. Children enjoy taking part in a wide range of outdoor activities in the extensive woodland school ground sites linking their learning to other curriculum subjects and team building and resilience.    

Science in Key Stage Two

In KS2, children have dedicated Science lessons. The KS2 curriculum involves children exploring a range of scientific areas through investigation and enquiry followed by time given to record, report and analyse results. They will apply literacy, numeracy and ICT skills learned within the school.


 Concept Mapping

At Broadoak ‘concept mapping’ is used to check children’s current knowledge and to allow teacher’s to build upon this, because as children move up through the school they meet science topics covered in previous years at a more advanced level. Please see the attached document showing the progression in concept mapping skills from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.


 Concept mapping outline.docxDownload
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