Broadoak Primary School


Spanish at Broadoak


Our Aims

At Broadoak, we aim to give children the opportunity to learn a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) in a fun and stimulating environment. We wish to not only foster a lifelong love of languages, but also an understanding of other cultures. It is important that children are aware of the broader aspects of language learning whilst also continuing to have greater understanding of their own identity.


The Teaching of Spanish

The teaching of Spanish is done through the use of games, songs and lots of group and pair work. We currently use the Catherine Cheater scheme for much of our resources. There is an emphasis on beginning with lots of oral work, progressing to reading and writing as the children become more confident and proficient in their knowledge and understanding.


Spanish in Key Stage Two

Below offers a brief overview of some of the areas taught in each year group:


Year 3: Numbers to 20 and beyond, colours, some animals and greetings.

Year 4: Days of the week, months of the year, more animals, introduction of adverbial phrases and verbs, numbers to 31 and beyond.

Year 5: Telling the time, saying where they live, more adjectives and verbs for description, numbers to 50 and beyond.

Year 6: Numbers to 100 and beyond, saying what I like and don’t like, describing my family and the weather.

The lessons consist of lots of consolidation work with areas revisited on many occasions to help the children remember what they have learnt. Different areas may be taught to different year groups depending on previous knowledge and understanding.




Displays are used in classrooms to reinforce the children's language and word recognition.