Today is the final day of your second week of Home Learning. We couldn't be prouder of how well you've adapted! Miss Ward and Mrs SJ x

Year Four - Daily Home Learning Page

Welcome to your Learning Page! 

Here you will find lots of activities from Maths to English to Science to creative fun!
This page has been designed to help you organise your day so that you can continue to learn and flourish!

Please note:
The daily English, Maths, Topic and Well-Being activities will be removed each evening and replaced with the activities for the following day. We advise that you download the learning for each day.


Don't forget that you can keep in touch with your teachers on our twitter page @Broadoak_Year4

You can tweet us (public) or send us a direct message (private)

Leave a comment for your teachers in the Guestbook at the bottom of this page.

Below is a typical timetable that can help you plan out your day:

5 a-day Maths

Please only complete ONE 5 a Day per day

(They are labelled with the days)

Daily Maths Task

Please download the presentation with instructions of how to complete your task. You do not need to print this. Please note, there may not be a presentation everyday. 

You may print the activity sheet if you choose to. 

How to exchange song link

Mrs SJ's Video on how to exchange

5-a-day Grammar

Please only complete ONE 5 a Day per day
(They are labelled with the days)

Grammar 5 a days w/c 30.03.20

Daily English Task

Today's English activity is another WIPERS reading comprehension about a Greek myth, Pegasus - The Winged Horse.

Children are familiar with WIPERS style questions and understand what each type of question requires.

Please encourage children to highlight or underline evidence in the text.

Also, encourage children to refer to the mark scheme. 2 mark questions require a more detailed answer.

WIPERS answers to mark the activity.

Yesterday's Icarus myth for History.

Reading For Pleasure

Some ideas of websites which can be used to find new and interesting things to read:

Don't forget to check out your favourite author's websites too. 

Caroline Axon (@Clibrary) | Twitter

Topic Session

Friday 3rd April 2020 - History

What have the Ancient Greeks done for us?

Today's activity concludes our History topic for the half term.

Please support the children in identifying the 8 key parts of their chosen myth.

Download the PDF for guidance of today's activity.

Some Ancient Greek colouring pages to enjoy!

Spelling Shed & Times Tables Rock Stars 

You can access these website through the links below:

If you forget your log in details for spelling shed or TTRS, please email your teachers for your log in information. 


Below you may download:

  • This week's spellings from Spelling Shed.
  • TTRS 3 minute challenge sheet for you to complete at home. Please only complete one per day. 

  • Here is the link for the timer and playlist for TTRS


 Movement for Wellbeing

Broadaok Primary PE, Fitness and Wellbeing Youtube Page

PE with Joe Wicks Youtube Page


Bring Sally Up Squat Challenge

Baby Shark Ab Challenge


Music for Wellbeing
(These are links to music we use in the classroom whilst we are working)

Listen to Beethoven

Listen to Mozart

Listen to Disney Piano

Listen to Acoustic Pop




Leave a comment for your friends and teachers to tell us what you are doing at home! We miss you! Just use your first name :)

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Mrs SJ(a couple of days ago)

Hi my lovelies! I’m missing all of your gorgeous, smiling faces! Thank you to all the friends that have left comments so far, or that have sent tweets or emails! It’s lovely to hear about what you’re doing and how you’re getting on!

Lucie(a couple of days ago)

Hello Mrs SJ , I have just finished doing my Maths 5 A Day. I really miss you but hopefully we will all be able to see you soon!XX

Lucie(less than a week ago)

Buenos dias Senora SJ! Just to let you know me and my mum are enjoying the tasks you are giving me. I miss you teaching me and the fun we all have in class. Hope to see you soon! x

Ethan F(less than a week ago)

I got my own letter! :)

Mrs SJ(about a week ago)

Hi everyone! Thank you for your comments and working hard this week! Work will not be continuing over the Easter holidays, we want you to enjoy your Easter break! We will put our Pick 'n' Mix homework on this page during the holidays.

Blake & Tyler Bridges(about a week ago)

Thank you for all the work that you have sent for us to do this week, it has kept us very busy. Our favourite piece was creating a fact file on our a mythical god today.

Finn M(about a week ago)

I just did the arithmetic test in under 10 minutes.

Musa(about a week ago)

Hello Musa has started doing task today. They are very easy easy to follow. Thank you so much for taking the time to produce the Resources. We will be spacing work out to last over Easter so I’m downloading work into a folder. It’s been useful reading the tweets as I’ve stopped printing work and he is copying it into School notebook. Stay well and safe

Seth M(about a week ago)

Thanks for all the great work. I've been very busy! I was wondering if the work will carry on in the Easter holidays?

louix jordan(about a week ago)

yes space is good and louix is doing amazing

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Picture News

What do you think these Italian people in the poster are doing at their window?

  Picture News Poster  

 Did you take part in #clapforourcarers to thank and celebrate NHS workers? Or, have you seen  videos of this?

What did you think/feel about this?

British Values

Picture News Weekly School Newspaper

Take a look below at what others are doing in different parts of the world to remain positive

People around the World

Look at the resource below and the examples of communities coming together.



What does community mean to you?

Does this fit with your definition of community?

Are you part of a community?

Can you be part of more than one community?

Can you list the communities you are part of?

Think about....

what is being done to spread positivity in your community?

Can you think of ways that people have helped each other during our current situation?

Optional Activities