Happy Friday Year Two, well done for all of your hard over the past two weeks!

First of all, a HUGE well done to 2G who finished 2nd on Spelling Shed this week! It was a great team effort and you have made Miss Gavin very proud! Thank you to every single child who went on this week and played - well done! Also we would like to make a special mention to Blake for being 2G's spelling champion this week and for finishing 3rd place in the whole school! Wow! What an achievement!.Esther was not far behind, finishing 5th place in the whole school! Excellent work Esther! You have made Mr Taylor and the Year Two team very proud. Well done. 

In addition, Noah, Ben, Nora and Logan D, thank you for sharing all of your hard work and progress on Twitter and it's been so nice to see you all working hard with smiles on your faces - keep it up! 

Remember, if you haven't yet, please get in touch on Twitter and share pictures of anything that you have been getting up to. 

Finally, we would like to just say how very proud of each and everyone of you for all your hard work and determination. We now want you all to have a relaxing break over the Easter holidays and we will be back after the break with more exciting work and projects.

Parents, we would also like to say a big thank you to you all for your continued support over the last few weeks.

Miss Gavin, Mr Taylor and Mrs Ashton  x


Daily Home Learning Page Year 2

Welcome to your Learning Page! 

Here you will find lots of activities from Maths to English to Science to creative fun!
This page has been designed to help you organise your day so that you can continue to learn and flourish!

Please note: The daily English, Maths, Topic and Well-Being activities will be removed each evening and replaced with the activities for the following day. We advise that you download the learning for each day.


Don't forget that you can keep in touch with your teachers on our twitter page @Broadoak_Year2

Leave a comment for your teachers in the Guestbook at the bottom of this page.

Below is a typical timetable that can help you plan out your day:

5 a-day Maths

Daily Maths Task

5-a-day Grammar:

Daily English Task.

Today's English activity is a reading comprehension. 

Children are familiar with these questions and often use highlighters to help them locate answers from the text - I'm sure they will be able to tell you and show you how it's done! 

Please refer to the mark scheme because 2 mark questions require a more detailed answer.

Reading For Pleasure

Some ideas of websites which can be used to find new and interesting things to read: 








Don't forget to check out your favourite author's websites too. 

Melanie Watt, the author of the book 'Bug in a Vacuum' also wrote the story 'Scaredy Squirrel' - a favourite story of mine. If you enjoyed the story 'Bug in a Vacuum', just click on the link below and listen to Melanie Watt read aloud the story 'Scaredy Squirrel'. Let me know what you think!


Key Word Lists

Below, we have uploaded a copy of all the key word lists used in school as part of our daily reading routine as we are aware your children will be requiring further word strips by now. The first document is the word sets 1-28 and the following document is the Phase 3 and Phase 5 phonics word strips. Please feel free to access these and use with your children as and when you can. We hope this helps! 

Topic Session

Spelling Shed & Times Tables Rock Stars 

You can access these websites through the links below: 


TTRS will automatically challenge the children on their timetables.

However in class we have been focusing on:

  • Consolidating and increasing our speed in our 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Learning and developing our 3s..


Spelling Shed will be updated weekly with a list of words, this is as normal, please see the document below. Year 2 key word list will be accessible via Spelling Shed and a document is available on our class page.

Below you may download:

  • This week's spellings from Spelling Shed.
  • TTRS 3 minute challenge sheet for you to complete at home. Please only complete one per day.


Leave a comment for your friends and teachers to see whilst you are doing your home learning! Just use your first name and initial :)

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Benjamin. L(less than a week ago)

Hello Mr Taylor, how are you? It's Ben. I'm having fun at home school but i'm missing you and my friends. Have a happy Easter. from Ben X

Noah P(about a week ago)

I am working hard and missing you all. Hope to see my friends and teachers soon. x


1. Subscribe to Coach Kim's YouTube channel and join her doing one of her workouts. Try and get your whole family involved and have fun exercising together. 


2. If you feel like dancing along to some music, just follow the link below and copy a Just Dance routine. Dance like no one is watching you. 


3. Watch the following Dojo clip and answer these questions.


1. What advice would you give to Mojo to help him?

2. If you feel like something is too hard, what should you do?

3. Do you think Mojo can become smarter? What about you?

                                             Image result for mojo monster

4. Go outside, find a nice spot in the garden and draw a picture of what you can see. 


5. Scavenger Hunt

Why not have a go at this Scavenger Hunt as you are out on a local walk. You may even be able to spot some of these things just by hunting around your garden. Tweet us to let us know how you get on!

Have fun!

6. Decorate this sunshine and write words or draw pictures of the things that make you happy on it. Make it nice and colourful and then display it in your window to pass on your ray of sunshine to passersby. 

Picture News

Can you think of ways to remain positive during difficult times?

What do you think these Italian people in the poster are doing at their window?

 Picture News Poster  

Did you take part in #clapforourcarers to thank and celebrate NHS workers? Or, have you seen videos of this?

What did you think/feel about this?

What are people around the world doing to keep positive during this time?

People around the world

British Values

Further reading: Picture News Weekly School Newspaper


Have you ever heard of the word ‘bored’ before? What do you think it means?

Think of times when you have felt bored. When was it? Why were you bored? Did you do anything about it?

Look at the being bored resource which shows how some children have stopped themselves from feeling bored.

Being Bored resource

How will you stop yourself from feeling bored while you have to stay at home? 

Think about some of the things you enjoy doing or some of the hobbies and clubs you are or were part of. How could you adapt them so that you can still do them at home? 

One of the children mentioned learning something new stops her from being bored. Can you think of anything you might like to learn to do e.g. gardening, cooking, knitting, speak a foreign language?

Make a list of your ideas so you can come back to them if you are feeling bored!

Do you think that sometimes it is important to feel bored? Can it help you to appreciate things or make you be inventive in finding ways to stop this feeling?

Do you control if you become bored?

Activities you could do

My Favourite Activity Prompt Sheet

Letter to a Friend or Relative Plan


There will be times when we feel like we don’t have much to do and we’ve run out of ideas. These are the times we can use our creativity and imagination to make sure we don’t become bored.