Governor Monitoring and Challenge


Welcome to the Governor Visits page. Governors provide a crucial role supporting the school to achieve the very best outcomes for all of your children. Each term, Governors are invited into school to monitor aspects of school life and quality assure the judgements being made.  This page will provide a brief on-going account of some of our work. 


Governor Monitoring Visits 2018 - 2019


Autumn Term
Date Committee Focus of Monitoring In Attendance
 Wednesday 3rd October       2018  Curriculum & Staffing /   Pastoral
  • Lesson observations in Y4 / Y6


  • Observation of newly extended nursery provision

 Mrs. Heather Medlicott/ Mrs. Katie Dawson / Mr. David   Fletcher


 Mrs. Elizabeth Mullen


Below are some extracts and quotes from the visits completed in 2017 / 2018

03.10.18 - Curriculum & Staffing / Pastoral - Lesson Observations


"Throughout the lesson Miss Ward was constantly providing individuals with one to one assistance."

 "All the pupils seemed to understand exactly what the various marks meant and dealt appropriately eg by reviewing an answer, re-doing a question etc."

"Constant praise and encouragement was offered from Miss Ward.  Both in general terms to the whole class and individually."

"I was very impressed with the high level language used by both teaching staff and pupils."  

" They asked inciteful questions and knew what was expected of them – both academically and from a behavioural aspect."


Mrs. Heather Medlicott

Governor Monitoring Visits 2017 - 2018


Below are some extracts and quotes from the visits completed in 2017 / 2018

03.10.17 - Curriculum & Staffing / Pastoral - Learning Walk led by Y6 School Council Representatives

"The classroom decorations were very impressive.  Brightly coloured, informative and educational."  

"The Y6 students accompanying me explained the British Values display in the junior hall and the principles of ‘no outsiders’ and tolerance which they are learning about on an ongoing basis."

"The School Council students were excited to show off the various cups and plaques that had been achieved in various sporting events that are on display in the hall."

 "The Y6 pupils were talking about how much they enjoy their weekly reading sessions with Y2 (which I know is reciprocated); a really positive experience for both year groups."

"The children enjoy the awards assembly every week and there seems to be a real effort made to achieve an award and to win house points.  Weekly awards are seen to be highly coveted."

"The Student Council members I met were all mature and provided insightful feedback on school and their daily activities.  It was enjoyable to meet them and see the school ‘in action’."

Mrs. Heather Medlicott


Governor Monitoring Visits 2016 - 2017

Below are some extracts and quotes from the visits completed in 2016 / 2017

04.10.2016 - 
Curriculum & Staffing - Lesson Observation and Interview with School Council

"I was impressed with the courteous behaviour and maturity of the children"

"Broadoak pupils are enthusiastic, engaged, articulate and confident about a range of learning which includes comprehension, interpretation, close reading, creative writing and challenging discussion"

"I was very impressed with the teaching skills and strategies exhibited during the Year 6 lesson, and most particularly the teacher's ability to ensure that all children were fully included in the activities"

"When meeting with the School Council, I was impressed with their maturity, their commitment to improving the activities of the school, and their imagination. We can learn a great deal from them"

Dr Jon Couriel

 05.10.2016 - Curriculum & Staffing - Parental Engagement (Support for Learning)

"Highly informative and communicated in a friendly way"

"Technical terms were explained to allow a consistent approach from school and home"

 "Whilst there were no questions asked or comments given at the presentation, anecdotal feedback was extremely positive. Parents reported how useful it was to see the children in a lesson. The resulting homework built upon what was seen during the session."

 "Children appear happy and confident in their learning... Different learning styles were catered for"

 "Children’s pride in their work was evident when showing the adults their achievements"

Mrs Elizabeth Mullen


12.10.2016 - Pastoral - Review of SEN Provision


"The learning walk is a great way to enable a first hand experience and allowed me to pose more probing questions as I was in a real environment, as opposed to being 'talked at in a classroom'"

"There has been a great deal of investment in relation to supporting children with SEN and in particular in ensuring that new pupils have their needs met"

"Staff were honest regarding existing and future challenges and were willing to share their concerns and aspirations in an open way"

Mrs Laura Mercer