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Day One

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Information for Parents:

Information for Parents:

For each day of your absence from school, please complete the following activities.

  • Maths 4 a day
  • Maths independent activity
  • Grammar 4 a day
  • English independent activity
  • Spelling Shed
  • Times Table Rock Stars
  • Topic Lesson
  • Health and Well Being- Reading

The following websites may be also be useful:

Day Two

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Day Three

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Day Four

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 RE- What do different people believe about God.pptxDownload
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Day Five

 Adult Guides to Conjuctions.pdfDownload
 Colin's Co-ordinating Conjuction Challenge Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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 Count in 8s Maths Mad Minutes.pdfDownload
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Day Six

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Day Seven

 Booklet 1 Showing possession for singular nouns.pdfDownload
 Booklet 2 Showing possession for plural nouns.pdfDownload
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 Describing 3D Shapes Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Recognise and Describe 3D Shapes Answer Sheet.pdfDownload
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Day Eight

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 Diving into Mastery Activity Cards.pdfDownload
 Prefix Adverts.pdfDownload
 Prefixes super- anti- and auto-.pptDownload
 Telling the Time ppt.pptDownload
 Telling the time sheets.pdfDownload
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Day Nine

 Book Review template.pdfDownload
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 How a Volcano Is Made Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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Day Ten

 A Novel Idea Quentin Blake Task.pdfDownload
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 Guided Reading answers.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading questions.pdfDownload
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